Loose lead walking workshop

Loose Lead Walking

Pulling on the lead is one of the most common training problems seen at OABT. Being pulled around by your dog on the end of a lead can cause immense frustration and as well as being unpleasant or even cause an injury.

This two-part workshop is designed to give you the skills needed to achieve a calm and engaged loose lead walk with your dog.  You will be coached on how to begin training, building on the desired behaviour around distractions and troubleshooting, as well as exploring different approaches and methods.

The workshop is purchased as a whole but is divided into Parts 1 and 2 with around one month in between to give you time to practise. Each part is 1.5 hr long, including a short break and enough time for Qs and As. A handout with training advice will be provided to further support you with your loose lead walking. Classes are kept small and are limited to 6 places. You will enjoy the benefit of having a trainer and a behaviourist coaching you, both of whom are qualified, experienced and accredited.

You must complete Part 1 to proceed to Part 2

Please call Sarah on 07936 694 952 or email via the Contact Form for more information