Loose lead walking workshop

This set of workshops are designed to give you the skills needed to achieve a calm and engaged walk with your dog on a loose leash. Pulling on the lead is one of the most common training problems that we see at OABT. Dogs pulling at the end of leashes cause immense frustration for owners. Our two-part workshop includes exploring different methods and approaches to teaching your dog loose lead walking, how to begin training, how to have an engaging walk with your dog, how to build on the behaviour around distractions, and troubleshooting methods and problems.

A detailed training programme is provided to further support you with training. The workshops will take place once per month, alternating between beginners and intermediate classes, giving you time to practice.  The workshops are 2 hours long, including a short break and providing time to discuss questions. The fee, £60, includes both a beginners and intermediate handlers place in the workshops. Classes are limited to 6 spaces and you will have both a trainer and a behaviourist supporting you.

Please call Sarah on 07936 694 952 or email via the Contact Form for more information