Recall workshops

An unreliable recall is one of the most common training problems owners report with their dogs and puppies. Having a good recall is incredibly important and ensures both you and your dog have a safe, fun and enjoyable walk. The OABT team can coach you to teach your dog a solid recall and provide further support.

This two-part workshop aims to give you the skills needed to build up a reliable recall with your dog, including the initial stages of training a recall, how to build reliability around distractions, recall games, foolproofing, as well troubleshooting and avoiding common mistakes.

  The workshop is purchased as a whole but is divided into Parts 1 and 2 with around one month in between to give you time to practise. Each part is 1.5 hr long, including a short break and enough time for Qs and As. A handout with training advice will be provided to further support you with your recall training. Classes are kept small and are limited to 6 places. You will enjoy the benefit of having a trainer and a behaviourist coaching you, both of whom are qualified, experienced and accredited.

You must complete Part 1 to proceed to Part 2

Please call Sarah on 07936 694 952 or email via the Contact Form for more information