Oxfordshire Animal Behaviour and Training will only process your personal information (which is collected when you begin classes, 121 sessions, or have a consultation) which includes your name, your pet’s name, breed and age, address, telephone number, email address, and details concerning your pet – solely for our own records.

We will not share your information with any third party companies. Your information is solely for the purposes of enabling us to gather information regarding your pet, contacting you in an emergency, informing you of date changes, and to email follows ups to classes and 121 sessions. Information may be shared with a Veterinary professional, but only with your permission.

Occasionally we may email you with details of a class you expressed an interest in.

We deal with your data as follows:

1. We will hold your personal information for as long as needed to meet the service you have requested. Date can removed upon request.

2. We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

3. We will provide a safe and secure experience for all clients of OABT.

4. We will ensure that the information you submit to us remains private and is only used for the purposes set out below. Fair Processing Principles:

a. Your personal information is only processed with your knowledge.

b. Only information that we actually need is collected and processed.

c. Your personal information is only seen by those who need it to do their jobs,

d. Permission will be obtained from you if anyone other than OABT needs access for the benefit of your pet and their treatment.

e. Your information is protected from unauthorised or accidental disclosure. f. Inaccurate or misleading data will be corrected as soon as possible.